Merit-making on Thai Mother’s Day on August 14, 2016

Thai Mother's Day

We cordially invite you to attend Merit-making Ceremony in the celebration of Thai Mother’s Day at out temple on Sunday, August 14, 2016, starting at 10:30 am and ending about 2:00 pm. This ceremony is held to honor the great virtual of a mother who gives birth to a child with her immense love, kindness, and compassion. Without a mother no man is born on earth and enjoys the worldly happiness. We advise you to take this auspicious occasion to express your gratefulness by making merit and sharing your goodness with your mother whether she is still alive or passed away; your mom will rejoice in your merit and very proud of her grateful child like you. The programs of the event are as follows:

10:00 am – Participants congregate in the chapel room.

10:30 am – Participants pay homage to the Triple Gem, recite the chants, and undertake five precepts.

10:45 am – Monks recite the chants and the laity put the arms in the monks’ bowls.

11:00 am – The laity offer luncheon to monks. The monks consider food.

12:00 noon – The laity have lunch.

1:00 pm – The laity listen to a sermon and present the offerings.

1:30 pm – Monks recite the blessing chants and sprinkle holy water.

1:45 pm – Participants sing Mother’s songs to celebrate Mother’s Day.

2:00 pm – End of Ceremony


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